October 19, 2022

The release of Aviatrix

🎆 This great day marks the release of our long-awaited and unique game Aviatrix. The company has been working on the development of the game all  year round, and now we can say that we have finally gone live!

🚀 Aviatrix is a cutting edge new B2B solution in the sphere of online gaming. Besides playing the game in a regular manner of crash games, players have a chance to create their own NFT items in the shape of an airplane. ✈ Airplanes can be customized: they can have different models and colors. And in future they will also be traded in the marketplace. 💰The game has an unprecedented loyalty program - players can take part in tournaments every day!

Our first partner connected to Aviatrix is  PIN-UP CASINO 🆙. We would like to congratulate this online gaming platform with this lucky event.  If you would like to connect to our game as well, please, reach out to Mikalai Pobal. 👨💼

To try playing the game and to find out more, please, follow the link http://aviatrix.bet/.