October 13, 2022

Game offering with trendy NFT-based content

Quantum Gaming, a high-end platform provider, is pleased to announce a newly-established partnership with the hyper-modern iGaming provider, Aviatrix.

As its name implies, Aviatrix will take operators high into the sky with an immersive and intriguing gaming model on an astronomical rise – Play To Earn (P2E). It’s an absolutely new gaming experience that delivers its own buffet of benefits, both for operators and players.

Aviatrix goes far beyond just entertainment. With its NFT-powered P2E crash game, players have a unique opportunity to make money in the most fun and exciting way and earn rewards with real-world worth. From building a game object to receiving prizes for active play, gamers will be able to create true value, which takes engagement to a whole new level.

By using this next-generation blockchain-based gaming concept, which is easy to integrate and fully customizable, operators will not only enrich their offerings but also secure the loyalty of avid online gamers looking to capitalize on this trend.

Aviatrix is undoubtedly putting effort into quality and creating a gaming experience that features unique mechanics – allowing them to stand out from the crowd and reach the best player profiles.

“Despite the fact that play-to-earn gaming is still in its early stages, it has gained a lot of popularity. I’m sure it will become a favorite gaming model that people enjoy and profit from. That’s why Aviatrix, with its gripping and up-to-date content, is certainly an exquisite addition to our iGaming platform.”, said Oliver de Bono, CEO of Quantum Gaming.

“Aviatrix is an iGaming studio focused on highly innovative products in the most trending niche in game providing, which is “crash mechanics”. We combine the most up-to-date technologies, such as blockchain, NFT, and AI all in one product. The combination of all these technologies and the way they complement each other allows us to create a solution that has great potential to change iGaming industry standards.”, added Vladislav Artemyev, CEO of Aviatrix.

Play-to-earn games have been the talk of the town for a while now. Head to the “Contact us” page or visit our LinkedIn profile if you want to find out what all the fuss is about.

Full version is here