October 29, 2022

An Exciting and Promising Cooperation!

This week, we have the opportunity to sit down with Vladislav Artemyev  – The CEO of Aviatrix. Will share their best insights in 2022 and some exciting detail for a booming 2023.

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Question 1: Please introduce yourself, as well as Aviatrix, its value, and mission for the future gamblers

Hi, my name is Vladislav Artemyev, I am the CEO of the company Aviatrix which has developed a homonymous online NFT crash game with a great loyalty program, customization options, and the possibility to watch other users playing the same game in the background. When we started designing the game, we decided that we should try to change the whole industry of online IGaming and create something new, a game that has never been seen before by online gamers. Thus we. presented the notion of NFT to the online gaming community and introduced many other cool features that players will love.

Question 2: How many games have you released so far?

So far we are only focusing on one game, however, it is not a usual casino game, as there are many out there. We tried to create something exclusive, and we can even boast of the Award that we recently received at Sigma Balkans Expo under the name “Unique Selling Point”.

In this game, we combined the most up-to-date technologies such as blockchain, NFT, and AI all in one product. The combination of all these technologies and the way they complement each other allowed us to create a solution that has great potential to change iGaming industry standards.

Besides, right now it is not a final solution, we plan to gradually add new exciting features to the game.

Question 3: Can you tell us more about how Aviatrix operates daily? What does a typical day at your office look like?

With the arrival of Covid-19, we had a big transformation at the office, and gradually all of the employees started to work from home. And actually, we never went back to the office. Right now all of our colleagues are scattered around different countries, with everyone working in their own home office. So, basically, your working day can either start either at 8 o’clock when kids go to school, or at 10 o’clock if you like to sleep late in the morning.

Question 4: What game categories do you focus on? Are there any breakthrough innovations for that game type?

Right now our main target is crash games. In our game players have a chance to select or build a plane model they want to play with as well as customize the plane upon their own vision. They can also watch other players flying in the background either in the same casino or even in different ones. When a player creates a plane in the game, it is actually an NFT, which means that in the future they would be able to trade that plane with other players or use it in other games. The game also has a great Loyalty Program. Basically, the more bets the gamers make, the higher rewards they can get in the future. Besides normal and usual payouts, the rewards distributions for regular players happen every 24 hours.

Question 6: What are the challenges that your team has overcome in these recent years?

One of the main challenges that we have had in the recent year is the creation of this complicated type of game with a blockchain and NFT. This is a totally new phenomenon in online gaming, and it was hard but very interesting to develop this new kind of game. We spent a bit of time researching and finding ways to integrate blockchain, NFT, and different new features such as daily tournaments, customization, multiplayer, and others.

Question 7: What markets do you find the most suitable for your game selection?

In the beginning, we would be focusing on countries in Europe, Latam, and Africa. And after a while, we will also be applying for the US license.

Question 8: How do you stay updated with the latest game and software trends?

We visit most of the industry expos, f.e. right now we are planning to visit the Sigma expo in Malta. Our developers keep an eye on all of the latest software trends at industry websites and conferences.

Question 9:  Let’s talk briefly about the future. What direction do you see Aviatrix moving in these coming years?

We plan on improving our current game and gradually adding new exciting features. Besides that, we are going to create a whole new Metaverse with several games using assets that are already available in Aviatrix. F.e right now we have airplanes in our game which are NFTs, and in the future, you would be able to play with those NFTS in our new games.

Question 10:  Do you have plans for marketing now regarding the partnership with CasinoMentor? Like, what do you expect in this partnership?

We would be happy to provide Casinomentor with updates about our game Aviatrix and any other games that we would be developing in the future.